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Facebook Lookback
Posted on @February 6, 2014 with 0 COMMENT(S)

It's been a while since I post here, in this blog.
By the way.. hello and hi :-)
Actually, this is my first post in 2014 and now I'm not doing anything because I'm waiting for my SPM results that will come out in March but I don't know the exact day.. One of my classmates said that it's on 21th of March (lol freaking 42 days left????) but I hope not early as been told :(

Well, that's not what I'm gonna tell you about. Facebook Lookback?
I know.. almost everyone that using Facebook already knew about this but so what I want to tell how it feels to have a video timeline made by others for me omg I'm really touched. Thanks facebook (?) So, these is some screenshots that I took from my video. Check it out below.

Okay nothing here.

 I'm using this social network for almost 4 years but this is 10th Annivesary of Facebook hahaha I'm so late :p

I liked this part the most. I just can't help but laughing when they showed my trial exam results here just because it has many likes hahahahaha no I wont share it here >_<

I had nothing to say about my most liked status. I just--
Find yours here  
p/s: I'm a Malay but I feel awkward to express my Bahasa Melayu here, sorry.

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