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Alone. done. :p
Posted on @June 22, 2011 with 0 COMMENT(S)
simple entry :)
yeah, that's me.
Until now pretending like I'm so happy.
but.. In my heart, you didn't know what I feel.
I have to be srong, but lastly I cry too.
I have my fellings too.
You kinda sh*t .
comment my photo or what ?
If you want to make me angry, you're sooo amazing !
Amazing and make me heart broken again </3
I have to go now, Go far far away from this feelings,
Now, i'm alone .
Because of you !
Hate and hate and hate your behaviour!
Ahhhhh.  Can you shut up your mouth for a while ?
My ears cannot stand to hearing what you tell to other friend about my weakness.
Remember this : Nobody's Perfect.
Bye  ;(
(improving my English)

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