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I'm So Tired with that girl !
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-heyya bloggers, anies here-

I'm the stupidest girl in the world. Jyeah, im not like you. Popular, glamorous and your gedik-like very disgusting. You'RE gedik-King infront of boys. Im so hate it! If my parents was a rich people, I will summon you because of your stupidoo thing!#hey girl, you know what...I really really 'love' the way you talk to me. You only using me if you dont have friends and try to be nice to me. OHH,please I know you hate me. Yes, of course I know that. Its truly been seen since Hanim (o yeah, new student? not really . I know her since im in year 2 (because when i in Year 1, im obviously friendly with amalia, tasneem and insyaz) until now.Lebiuu tas,amal and insyaz. <3 Okay, back to our story.. YOU wanna know what she did to me? (not hanim, she's nice babe!)Hanim back to perlis for a 2 months #hey, better you answer your PMR here. Is'nt it?? I sure your father admitted it, right ?
Wanna know what? She leaving me alone and I feel soo lonely now. Right, she's not my BFF for truth. Now who want to be friend with me? Yes, im chubby. Its that because they didn't want to be my friend honestly....? Think it yourself. For addition, she never and never talk to me even wanna say 'thanks' or 'okay' or 'nope..' and somethin' that I think is right. She's like a bodyguard to Sofiya. Following her where ever hanim and sofiya go.. hahah! Fortunately, not follow Sofiya until home,right? What like my mother say,"EEI rimaihh aku org cam nie".. But unfortunately, Sofiya did'nt recognized what 'that girl' do to her. So pity her. When I try to speak to her, she say, "Heyy b****! Go find your new friend ahh! I hate to see your face right now." WHAT THE HELL you say? You're same as "like peanuts forget its skin". Get the better friend, you leaving me alone. Haaaaa. NOW I friendly to AIN Afiqah, online game that be must for her. Ain is best friend (like i see now) with Ieyra a.k.a Shahira Surimi. When I closed to Ain, 'that girl' say, "OHH I see, you tried to stole Ieyra's best friends, right?" AHH, If i had a chance to do anything to her, I will punched her body many times that I want! hah! Now im not satisfied yet. "OK. That what you think 'bout me. Now I see you tried to‎ controlling Sofiya and make her don't talk to me too." Okay, fine. Be patient, one day the God will punish you! Just wait... (if you want-lah..)

Oh yeah, almost forgot to story this to you. I have a boy friend ( i'm only friend with boy, don't misunderstanding, ok?) his name is Syed. He so cute and so take care of aurat no matter boy or girl. He's not like the other men, he so really take care about religious thinking. So far, I don't have any arguing with him. #yes, be nice to me, i will nice to you back. Syed have a not-to-say-friends girl (girlfriend-lah).. and she wear spectacles, like me too.... Her name is Nurul Aswani, bit chubby and she too nice to me. In Languange Lab  at my school, I sit alone for the first time. Then, Syed changed his place and sit besides me until now. Syed say, he didn't want to sit with Shahir anymore, and the reasons is the Shahir's attitude.YEAH, you tell me, like I know Shahir more than you. So, I don't really catch what he say, because I NOT CLOSED TO SHAHIR ! I don't know his feel. But I ONLY listen 'cause I want to know tHE reasons too. 'That girl' sit infront of my table. So sh!T ! I really want to know, why 'that girl' so hate me? Arghh! Do you wanna know what 'that girl' say to me when I speak to Syed so lovely passion tell me about her sister studying at college..? "Tengku ohh Tengku, YOU didn't scare yeah?" I replied, "What the hell that I want to scared about huh?" She said to me, "YOU didn't scare Aswani will kill you if you do like this to her??" I replied back, "What I do to her? Since I friend to her, there's no problem between her and me yet. So what? Can't I speak to him for a while? Are you jelous yeah?" Then she replied," Fine, you win this time. Next time, you will see." OHH, 'Im so so scared' what you say that... hahahahaha! Heh, serve you right. OK, that all for today, thanks for reading this ridiculous essay. (Night entry) Next time I will do better than this.
bye ♥ 
23:03, Tuesday.

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